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Report on my trips to the Croatian island Krk, from May 11th till May 17th, and from Juily 3rd till July 12th 2008
Saturday, May 10th:
Together with Anita and Alain Aegerter, Alain Kormann and his girlfriend Frenzi and the parents of Alain Aegerter, Josef and Simone we drove to the island Krk, Croatia from Bern, Switzerland, where we arrived late afternoon and and stayed for the whole time in Krk town.

Basilika Mirine - Fulfinum
Sunday, May 11th:
Our first excursion was to the Ponikve dam. On the meadows/pastures around, on free rocky places and in the sunny oak forest we found Pelophylax ridibundus, Hyla arborea, Testudo hermanni boettgeri (hercegovinensis), Pseudopus apodus, Podarcis siculus campestris and Natrix natrix.
In the afternoon we visited a small pond near Cicici to watch Emys orbicularis. But the waterlevel was very high and the water very dirty, so we saw nothing. In the late afternnon a short culture trip to the basilika ruin "Mirine-Fulfinum" near Omisalj. There we observed Lacerta trilineata and Hierophis gemonensis.

Testudo hermanni boettgeri (hercegovinensis)



Watch the high water level of the lake and the flooded meadows below the dam (both images above). Compare with the pics from July, more down.

Pseudopus apodus

Podarcis siculus
Monday, May 12th:
This day we spent in the western part of the island between Porat and Milohnici. Most parts of the area are overgrown by dense forests respectuive bushforests. Between there are meadows, pastures, some ruderal areas and a few ponds, like near the middleage church ruin Sveti Krescan.
We found Pelophylax ridibundus, Podarcis siculus, Lacerta trilineata, Hierophis gemonensis, Hierophis viridiflavus carbonarius, Natrix natrix and Elaphe quatuorlineata

Pelophylax ridibundus

watching frogs: Josef, Alain Aegerter, Simone

Pelophylax ridibundus

watching frogs: Anita, Alain Kormann

Sveti Krescan

Elaphe quatuorlineata
mating - watch also the video
WMV (10 MB)

Hierophis gemonensis
Tuesday, May 13th:
In the morning we visited the western high plateau in the south of Krk. Due to the strong wind we only found some Podarcis siculus, Podarcis melisellensis, Lacerta trilineata and in a small pond some Pelophylax ridibundus. On the way down, a large Hierophis viridiflavus was crossing the road.
During the afternoon culture time was again. We visited the nice town Vrbnik. Also inside this very nice place we could observe Podarcis siculus.

western high plateau

western high plateau

Vrbnik, port

shore "below" Vribnik
Wednesday, May 14th:
The small peninsula Prniba, east of Krk town, we visited in the morning. On sunny spots in the pine forest we saw Algyroides nigropunctatus, Lacerta trilineata and Podarcis melisellensis. Also a baby Anguis fragilis.
During the afternoon we walked up the Suha Ricina, a small creek mouthing near the village Baska, a bit more up the waterfall. Beside some Podarcis siculus and Lacerta trilineata, only one Hierophis gemonensis was seen.

Algyroides nigropunctatus

Anguis fragilis, Baby

Emys watching. Alain Kormann (left) and Alain Aegerter

9 Emys orbicularis hellenica and 2 Trachemys scripta elegans

Suha Ricina creek above waterfall

just above the waterfall

creek below the waterfall

Suha Ricina view to the south

Lacerta trilineata

Ophrys apifera
Thursday, May 15th:
A short daytrip to the neighbor island Cres, to see some herps, not living on Krk island, like Malpolon insignitus fuscus, Lacerta bilineata and Podarcis muralis. But, like during the last days, a strong, cool wind was blowing, although the weather was very sunny. In the village Valun we found a Hyla arborea on the way, close to the shore. Also some Podarcis muralis have been observed. More south, near Martinsica we found some Lacerta bilineata. But no Malpolon during the whole day.

On Cres ferry boat (standing, from left): Simone, Josef, Anita, Alain Aegerter

On Cres ferry boat: Frenzi, Alain Korman

Hyla arborea in Valun, Cres

last view to Cres
Fryday, May 16th:
Far in the north at the airport and near the old ferry port Voz in best habitats only Pseudopus apodus, Bufo (Pseudepidalea) viridis and some lizards have been seen.
Passing Dobrinj we drove south again. At a small cementary close to the town we found Hierophis viridiflavus carbonarius, Zamenis longissimus and Podarcis siculus. Last is living on nearly the whole island, often in very dense populations. The last herpetological stop in this week was at the Ponikve dam again. Algyroides nigropunctatus, Podarcis siculus and one Natrix natrix was the result.

Bufo ((Pseud)Epidalea) viridis

Podarcis siculus

Podarcis siculus

Lacerta trilineata

Kneipp-Kur: Alain Kormann

Natrix natrix

last evening - from left:
Simone, Josef, Frenzi, Alain Kormann

Alain Aegerter und Anita
Saturday, May 17th:
End of the excursion week and the day to drive home.

My trip to Krk in July was more a holiday one than a herpetological excursion. All the days have been very hot, although sometimes a strong wind was blowing.
So I concentrated my excursions around the town Krk in the early morning hours, starting around 7:00 up to 10:30 a.m.
I visited the Ponikve dam, the peninsula Prniba, the slopes in the north and east of Punat and the area between Krk town, Vrh and south to the coast.
The result of this short excursions was very good with lizards, but bad with snakes. Only a few Hierophis gemonensis and H. viridiflavus carbonarius, two Natrix natrix and one Elaphe quatuorlineata. No tortoises and amphibians, only Pelophylax ridibundus, living in every water on the island. Also only 2 Emys orbicularis and one Redeared slider.
So no daily reports will be given.
No animal have been handled to take the pictures. All images are "in situ".
You will find the date and place at the legends below the images.

Algyroides nigropunctatus - July 4th, Prniba

Algyroides nigropunctatus - July 4th, Prniba

Prniba peninsula: Habitat of Lacerta trilineata and Podarcis melisellensis (coastal rocks) and Algyroides nigropunctatus (pine forest)

Phalacrocorax aristotelis. Prniba, July 4th

Lacerta trilineata. Prniba, July 4th

Lacerta trilineata, subadult. north of Punat. July 5th

Lacerta trilineata, subadult. north of Punat. July 5th

Habitat north of Punat:
Lacerta trilineata, Podarcis siculus, P. melisellensis, Hierophis gemonensis, H. viridiflavus carbonarius, Vipera ammodytes, Elaphe quatuorlineata, Zamenis longissimus

Elaphe quatuorlineata
with full stomach

Arum italicum. fruits

Podarcis siculus - Ponikve, July 6th

Podarcis siculus - Ponikve, July 6th

Podarcis siculus - Ponikve, July 6th

southern end

Podarcis melisellensis - Sveti Jurej bay, July 7th

Sveti Jurej bay

Lacerta trilineata. Prniba, July 8th

habitat of: Lacerta trilineata, Hierophis gemonensis, Vipera ammodytes

Algyroides nigropunctatus. Prniba, July 8th

Podarcis siculus. Ponikve, July 9th

Podarcis siculus. Ponikve, July 9th

Pastures outside the dam. In May these have been flooded about 1 meter.

Pelophylax ridibundus. newly metamorphosed

Iphiclides podalirius

Podarcis melisellensis. Sveti Jurej, July 10th

Lacerta trilineata. Sveti Jurej, July 10th



List of observed amphibian and reptile species:


Pelophylax ridibundus (balcanicus)
Hyla arborea
Bufo bufo spinosus
(Pseud)Epidalea viridis

Anguis fragilis
Pseudopus apodus
Algyroides nigropunctatus
Podarcis siculus
Podarcis melisellensis
Podarcis muralis
Lacerta trilineata
Lacerta bilineata
Hierophis gemonensis
Hierophis (virid.) carbonarius
Natrix natrix - verschiedene Morphen
Elaphe quatuorlineata
Zamenis longissimus
Vipera ammodytes ammodytes