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Blooming Montenegro 2007

red blooming Opuntia sp. in Petrovac (6. Juni 2007)
Lavatera arborea, everywhere along the coast and around the Skadarsko jezero
Anacamptis pyramidalis was blooming in low altitudes in the shade only.
Butomus umbellatus in the swampy parts of Skadarsko jezero
Nuphar lutea
Nuphar alba - both are common in the shallow waters of the lake
Clematis sp. - nearly everywhere in or at the edge of forested areas at low altitudes
Anacamptis pyramidalis on Durmitor mountain
Aquilegia vulgaris in the Tara gorge
Gymnadenia conopsea in Tara gorge
Dactylorhiza saccifera in Tara gorge
Ochis ustulata on the mountain meadown on Durmitor mountain
Orchis morio
Viola tricolor in different colour morphs, common on the mountain meadows
Gentiana utriculosa near the town Zabljak at Durmitor mountain
Campaluna sp.
flower meadow near Zabljak
Orchis tridentata
Orobanche sp.
Gymnadenia conopsea on Durmitor, approx. 1'600 m a.s.l.
Narcissus poeticus on meadows arounf Durmitor mountain
wild rose in Durmitor national park
Orchis tridentata
Asphodelus albus
Dactylorhiza majalis, with uniform green and spotted leafes