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Death from snakebite (native species only) in Europe.
(data from 21 out of 36 countries, = 58%).

If you hear on new cases or know different data, please mail them to me, to keep this table up to date.

In literature, up to 100 fatal cases from snakebite are given per year for Europe.
The WHO report 1998 gives 30 per year for Europe.
A short note in "New Scientist" from December, 2nd, 1995, says 95 people died from 77.000 bites in Europe during the last 125 years (up to 1995?).

Here are the up to date data from our continent for each country, mailed to me by local people (thousends thanks to them!).

Country/Land: Information by: 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
Austria diverse none known since at least 30 years    
Belgium Pedro Janssen
J. Speybroeck
none in recent times    
Bulgaria B. Naumov no data    
Croatia B. Horvatic 2 by V. ammodytes
before 2004i)
1 by V. ammodytesa) 1 by V. ammodytesb)            
Czech Rep. G. Gadjukin 1 by Vipera berus on May, 11th, 2000e)
1 by V. latastei on February 24th, 2003f)
Estonia P. Poldsam No deaths known since at least 15 to 20 years    
Finland M. Niskanen none since 1982    
Germany D. Bohle 2004: 81 years old woman on Rügen island (Baltic Sea)    
Great Britain J. Foster, W. Wüster none since 1975    
Greece M. Wilson, D. Buttle 1 by M. xanthina on Lesvosh) 1 by V. ammodytes on Corfuc)              
Hungary L. Krecsak 2 by Vipera berus since 1960    
Italy H. Billing   1 by V. aspis on June 25th              
Macedonia S. Boguljub       1 by V. ammodytes          
Montenegro R. Ajtic none as long as a part of Serbia          
Netherlands P. Janssen none since 1946          
Norway P. Poldssam none since about 15 years ago          
Portugal J. Brito                  
Romania L. Krecsak, V. Cioflec 4 by V. ammodytes, but none in the last 7 years          
Russia (europ.)                    
Serbia R.Ajtic                  
Slovenia V. Cafuta none since 1945, maybe longerd)          
Slovakia Tomas Klacek                 1 by Vipera berus
Spain Eduard Filella i Subirà 13 between 1997 and 2005; 2005: 1
Switzerland H. Schmocker none since 1961          
Turkey (europ.) N. Igcy none known for european part          

a) 69 years old woman,
b) 1,5 month old boy, bitten in face,
c) seventyish years old woman on Corfu
d) Dr. Tome mentioned that she heard of a case of soldier that was bitten in the neck by venomous snake and died, but she doesn't know if it is true or just "a tale for scaring people,
e) near Litvinov in Krizatky village. Adult Vipera berus bit about 50 years old man to his hand. He died after 14 days in hospital of Most. Cause was strong alergic reaction.,
f) Mr. Petr Vozenilek. He died in February 24. 2003 after he was bitten by adult female Vipera latastei from his breeding (no native species in Czech, but an European one).
g) 15 yeasrs old boy in Mandamados village, Lesvos island.
h) boy on Mount Lepitimnos, Lesvos island.
i) see: Luksic, Bradaric & Prgomet, 2006